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Secondary structures in selected family (ID, species, length):

RS000001, Desulfurococcus mobilis (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000002, Pyrodictium occultum (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000003, Sulfolobus solfataricus (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000004, Sulfolobus sp. (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000005, Sulfolobus acidocaldarius (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000006, Sulfolobus sp. (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000007, Haloarcula marismortui (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000008, Haloarcula vallismortis (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000009, Haloarcula japonica (EMBL), 120 b (EMBL)

RS000010, Halobacterium salinarum (EMBL), 122 b (EMBL)

RS000011, Halobacterium sp. (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000012, Halobacterium sp. (EMBL), 120 b (EMBL)

RS000013, Halococcus morrhuae (EMBL), 104 b (EMBL)

RS000014, Haloferax volcanii (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000015, Haloferax mediterranei (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000016, Halorubrum saccharovorum (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000017, Halorubrum terrestre (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000018, Halorubrum terrestre (EMBL), 122 b (EMBL)

RS000019, Halorubrum distributum (EMBL), 122 b (EMBL)

RS000020, Halorubrum distributum (EMBL), 122 b (EMBL)

RS000021, Natrialba magadii (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000022, Methanobacterium formicicum (EMBL), 122 b (EMBL)

RS000023, Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000024, Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000025, Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus (EMBL), 122 b (EMBL)

RS000026, Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000027, Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000028, Methanothermus fervidus (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000029, Methanocaldococcus jannaschii DSM 2661 (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000030, Methanocaldococcus jannaschii DSM 2661 (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000031, Methanococcus vannielii (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000032, Methanococcus vannielii (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000033, Methanothermococcus thermolithotrophicus (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000034, Methanococcoides methylutens (EMBL), 120 b (EMBL)

RS000035, Methanohalobium evestigatum (EMBL), 122 b (EMBL)

RS000036, Methanohalophilus halophilus (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000037, Methanolobus tindarius (EMBL), 122 b (EMBL)

RS000038, Methanolobus tindarius (EMBL), 122 b (EMBL)

RS000039, Methanosarcina barkeri (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000040, Methanosarcina vacuolata (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000041, Methanosarcina acetivorans (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000042, Pyrococcus woesei (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000043, Thermococcus celer (EMBL), 122 b (EMBL)

RS000044, Thermoplasma acidophilum (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000045, Corynebacterium xerosis (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000046, Corynebacterium diphtheriae (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000047, Corynebacterium variabile (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000048, Mycobacterium phlei (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000049, Mycobacterium smegmatis (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000050, Mycobacterium bovis (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000051, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000052, Nocardia asteroides (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000053, Rhodococcus rhodochrous (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000054, Rhodococcus erythropolis (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000055, Rhodococcus fascians (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000056, Rhodococcus sp. IGTS8 (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000057, Frankia sp. (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000058, Geodermatophilus obscurus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000059, Brevibacterium helvolum (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000060, Brevibacterium linens (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000061, Brevibacterium casei (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000062, Cellulomonas biazotea (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000063, Oerskovia turbata (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000064, Clavibacter michiganensis (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000065, Curtobacterium citreum (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000066, Leifsonia aquatica (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000067, Leifsonia xyli (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000068, Microbacterium testaceum (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000069, Arthrobacter luteus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000070, Arthrobacter globiformis (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000071, Micrococcus luteus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000072, Micrococcus luteus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000073, Dactylosporangium aurantiacum (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000074, Nocardioides albus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000075, Pimelobacter simplex (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000076, Actinokineospora riparia (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000077, Saccharothrix mutabilis (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000078, Saccharothrix australiensis (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000079, Amycolatopsis orientalis (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000080, Amycolatopsis methanolica (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000081, Amycolatopsis mediterranei (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000082, Crossiella cryophila (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000083, Kibdelosporangium aridum (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000084, Kutzneria viridogrisea (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000085, Kutzneria albida (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000086, Prauserella rugosa (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000087, Pseudonocardia hydrocarbonoxydans (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000088, Pseudonocardia compacta (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000089, Pseudonocardia halophobica (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000090, Pseudonocardia thermophila (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000091, Saccharomonospora cyanea (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000092, Saccharomonospora sp. (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000093, Saccharomonospora azurea (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000094, Saccharopolyspora hordei (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000095, Saccharopolyspora rectivirgula (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000096, Saccharopolyspora gregorii (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000097, Saccharopolyspora hirsuta (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000098, Saccharopolyspora erythraea (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000099, Streptomyces sp. (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000100, Streptomyces ambofaciens (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000101, Streptomyces diastaticus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000102, Streptomyces nodosus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000103, Streptomyces griseus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000104, Streptomyces nodosus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000105, Streptomyces rimosus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000106, Streptomyces nodosus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000107, Streptomyces nodosus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000108, Streptomyces sp. (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000109, Streptomyces sp. (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000110, Streptomyces lividans (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000111, Streptomyces brasiliensis (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000112, Streptomyces griseus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000113, Streptomyces griseus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000114, Streptomyces roseoverticillatus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000115, Streptomyces cinereus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000116, Streptomyces purpureus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000117, Nocardiopsis dassonvillei (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000118, Herbidospora cretacea (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000119, Microtetraspora glauca (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000120, Planobispora longispora (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000121, Streptosporangium roseum (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000122, Actinomadura madurae (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000123, Thermomonospora chromogena (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000124, Empedobacter brevis (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000125, Flavobacterium hydatis (EMBL), 111 b (EMBL)

RS000126, Flavobacterium johnsoniae (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000127, Flexibacter sp. (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000128, Saprospira grandis (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000129, Chlorobium phaeobacteroides (EMBL), 109 b (EMBL)

RS000130, Chlorobium limicola (EMBL), 110 b (EMBL)

RS000131, Prosthecochloris aestuarii (EMBL), 108 b (EMBL)

RS000132, Herpetosiphon aurantiacus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000133, Thermomicrobium roseum (EMBL), 120 b (EMBL)

RS000134, Synechococcus lividus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000135, Synechococcus elongatus PCC 6301 (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000136, Synechococcus lividus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000137, Prochloron sp. (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000138, Deinococcus radiodurans (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000139, Deinococcus radiophilus (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000140, Thermus sp. (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000141, Thermus sp. (EMBL), 120 b (EMBL)

RS000142, Thermus aquaticus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000143, Amphibacillus xylanus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000144, Bacillus methanolicus (EMBL), 108 b (EMBL)

RS000145, Bacillus subtilis (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000146, Bacillus licheniformis (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000147, Bacillus methanolicus (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000148, Bacillus methanolicus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000149, Bacillus sp. Q (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000150, Bacillus methanolicus (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000151, Bacillus methanolicus (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000152, Bacillus megaterium (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000153, Bacillus subtilis (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000154, Bacillus methanolicus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000155, Bacillus methanolicus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000156, Bacillus firmus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000157, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000158, Bacillus subtilis (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000159, Bacillus methanolicus (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000160, Bacillus methanolicus (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000161, Geobacillus stearothermophilus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000162, Geobacillus stearothermophilus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000163, Brevibacillus brevis (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000164, Planococcus citreus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000165, Planococcus kocurii (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000166, Sporosarcina ureae (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000167, Sporosarcina pasteurii (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000168, Sporolactobacillus inulinus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000169, Staphylococcus epidermidis (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000170, Staphylococcus aureus (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000171, Thermoactinomyces vulgaris (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000172, Clostridium butyricum (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000173, Clostridium butyricum (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000174, Clostridium tyrobutyricum (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000175, Clostridium tyrobutyricum (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000176, Clostridium bifermentans (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000177, Clostridium tyrobutyricum (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000178, Clostridium tyrobutyricum (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000179, Clostridium carnis (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000180, Enterococcus faecalis (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000181, Lactobacillus delbrueckii (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000182, Lactobacillus brevis (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000183, Lactobacillus delbrueckii (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000184, Lactobacillus plantarum (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000185, Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000186, Streptococcus salivarius (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000187, Weissella viridescens (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000188, Weissella viridescens (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000189, Acholeplasma laidlawii (EMBL), 111 b (EMBL)

RS000190, Acholeplasma laidlawii (EMBL), 112 b (EMBL)

RS000191, Spiroplasma melliferum (EMBL), 107 b (EMBL)

RS000192, Mycoplasma gallisepticum (EMBL), 105 b (EMBL)

RS000193, Mycoplasma haemofelis (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000194, Mycoplasma flocculare (EMBL), 100 b (EMBL)

RS000195, Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (EMBL), 100 b (EMBL)

RS000196, Mycoplasma pneumoniae M129 (EMBL), 108 b (EMBL)

RS000197, Mycoplasma mycoides (EMBL), 107 b (EMBL)

RS000198, Mycoplasma gallisepticum (EMBL), 105 b (EMBL)

RS000199, Mycoplasma genitalium G37 (EMBL), 97 b (EMBL)

RS000200, Mycoplasma sp. (EMBL), 109 b (EMBL)

RS000201, Mycoplasma capricolum (EMBL), 107 b (EMBL)

RS000202, Ureaplasma urealyticum serovar 10 (EMBL), 104 b (EMBL)

RS000203, Blastopirellula marina (EMBL), 108 b (EMBL)

RS000204, Gemmata obscuriglobus (EMBL), 107 b (EMBL)

RS000205, Isosphaera pallida (EMBL), 108 b (EMBL)

RS000206, Pirellula sp. (EMBL), 109 b (EMBL)

RS000207, Pirellula sp. (EMBL), 109 b (EMBL)

RS000208, Planctomyces limnophilus (EMBL), 110 b (EMBL)

RS000209, Planctomyces brasiliensis (EMBL), 109 b (EMBL)

RS000210, Vibrio adaptatus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000211, Vibrio cyclosites (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000212, Caulobacter spinosum (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000213, Renobacter vaculatum (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000214, Bartonella henselae (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000215, Bartonella quintana (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000216, Bartonella bacilliformis (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000217, Bradyrhizobium japonicum (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000218, Nitrobacter winogradskyi (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000219, Rhodopseudomonas palustris (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000220, Brucella abortus (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000221, Brucella abortus (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000222, Hyphomicrobium vulgare (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000223, Hyphomicrobium sp. (EMBL), 96 b (EMBL)

RS000224, Methylobacterium organophilum (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000225, Methylobacterium sp. (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000226, Methylobacterium extorquens (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000227, Methylocystis parvus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000228, Methylosinus sporium (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000229, Methylosinus trichosporium (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000230, Agrobacterium tumefaciens (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000231, Agrobacterium vitis (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000232, Ancylobacter aquaticus (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000233, Starkeya novella (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000234, Xanthobacter viscosus (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000235, Paracoccus denitrificans (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000236, Paracoccus versutus (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000237, Rhodobacter capsulatus (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000238, Rhodobacter sphaeroides (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000239, Rhodobacter sphaeroides (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000240, Rhodobacter capsulatus (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000241, Acetobacter pasteurianus (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000242, Acetobacter sp. (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000243, Acetobacter sp. (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000244, Acetobacter sp. (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000245, Acetobacter sp. (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000246, Acetobacter aceti (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000247, Acidiphilium acidophilum (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000248, Acidiphilium cryptum (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000249, Acidomonas methanolica (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000250, Gluconacetobacter xylinus (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000251, Gluconobacter oxydans (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000252, Gluconobacter oxydans (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000253, Roseococcus thiosulfatophilus (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000254, Stella humosa (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000255, Azospirillum lipoferum (EMBL), 111 b (EMBL)

RS000256, Rhodospirillum rubrum (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000257, Rickettsia prowazekii (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000258, Wolbachia endosymbiont of Encarsia formosa (EMBL), 107 b (EMBL)

RS000259, Wolbachia endosymbiont of Trichogramma deion (EMBL), 107 b (EMBL)

RS000260, Erythrobacter longus (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000261, Erythromicrobium ramosum (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000262, Erythromicrobium ezovicum (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000263, Erythromicrobium hydrolyticum (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000264, Sandaracinobacter sibiricus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000265, Sphingomonas ursincola (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000266, Zymomonas mobilis (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000267, Tuberoidobacter mutans (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000268, Achromobacter xylosoxidans (EMBL), 112 b (EMBL)

RS000269, Achromobacter piechaudii (EMBL), 112 b (EMBL)

RS000270, Achromobacter denitrificans (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000271, Alcaligenes faecalis (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000272, Alcaligenes faecalis (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000273, Alcaligenes sp. (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000274, Alcaligenes faecalis (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000275, Burkholderia andropogonis (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000276, Burkholderia caryophylli (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000277, Burkholderia cepacia (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000278, Burkholderia cepacia (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000279, Cupriavidus necator (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000280, Ralstonia pickettii (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000281, Ralstonia solanacearum (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000282, Acidovorax temperans (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000283, Acidovorax delafieldii (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000284, Comamonas terrigena (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000285, Comamonas terrigena (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000286, Hydrogenophaga palleronii (EMBL), 111 b (EMBL)

RS000287, Hydrogenophaga pseudoflava (EMBL), 112 b (EMBL)

RS000288, Hydrogenophaga taeniospiralis (EMBL), 112 b (EMBL)

RS000289, Variovorax paradoxus (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000290, Leptothrix discophora (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000291, Thiomonas intermedia (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000292, Thiobacillus sp. (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000293, Thiobacillus thioparus (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000294, Methylophilus methylotrophus (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000295, Aquaspirillum serpens (EMBL), 113 b (EMBL)

RS000296, Vitreoscilla beggiatoides (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000297, Vitreoscilla stercoraria (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000298, Vitreoscilla filiformis (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000299, Desulfovibrio vulgaris (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000300, Cystobacter fuscus (EMBL), 112 b (EMBL)

RS000301, Cystobacter fuscus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000302, Myxococcus coralloides (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000303, Nannocystis exedens (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000304, Sorangium cellulosum (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000305, Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni NCTC 11168 (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000306, Helicobacter pylori 26695 (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000307, Thiovulum sp. (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000308, Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000309, Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000310, Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000311, Aeromonas hydrophila (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000312, Aeromonas media (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000313, Aeromonas salmonicida (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000314, Colwellia psychrerythraea (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000315, Moritella marina (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000316, Shewanella putrefaciens (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000317, Shewanella colwelliana (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000318, Shewanella hanedai (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000319, Dichelobacter nodosus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000320, Ectothiorhodospira shaposhnikovii (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000321, Halorhodospira halophila (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000322, Halothiobacillus neapolitanus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000323, Buchnera aphidicola (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000324, Escherichia coli (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000325, Escherichia coli O157:H7 (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000326, Plesiomonas shigelloides (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000327, Proteus vulgaris (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000328, Salmonella typhimurium LT2 (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000329, Coxiella burnetii (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000330, Legionella pneumophila (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000331, Legionella pneumophila (EMBL), 110 b (EMBL)

RS000332, Methylococcus capsulatus (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000333, Methylococcus capsulatus (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000334, Methylomicrobium agile (EMBL), 103 b (EMBL)

RS000335, Methylomonas methanica (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000336, Methylomonas rubra (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000337, Haemophilus aegyptius (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000338, Acinetobacter calcoaceticus (EMBL), 114 b (EMBL)

RS000339, Azotobacter vinelandii (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000340, Pseudomonas fluorescens (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000341, Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000342, Pseudomonas stutzeri (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000343, Pseudomonas fluorescens (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000344, Pseudomonas aeruginosa (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000345, Thiomicrospira pelophila (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000346, Thiomicrospira sp. (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000347, Beggiatoa alba (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000348, Thiothrix nivea (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000349, Grimontia hollisae (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000350, Listonella pelagia (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000351, Listonella anguillarum (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000352, Photobacterium damselae subsp. damselae (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000353, Photobacterium leiognathi (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000354, Photobacterium sp. (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000355, Vibrio aestuarianus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000356, Vibrio fluvialis (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000357, Vibrio alginolyticus (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000358, Vibrio parahaemolyticus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000359, Vibrio harveyi (EMBL), 104 b (EMBL)

RS000360, Vibrio vulnificus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000361, Vibrio nereis (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000362, Vibrio ordalii (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000363, Vibrio fischeri (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000364, Vibrio harveyi (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000365, Vibrio diazotrophicus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000366, Vibrio mediterranei (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000367, Vibrio proteolyticus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000368, Vibrio tubiashii (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000369, Vibrio logei (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000370, Vibrio cincinnatiensis (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000371, Vibrio cholerae (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000372, Vibrio natriegens (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000373, Vibrio metschnikovii (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000374, Vibrio sp. (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000375, Vibrio mimicus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000376, Leptonema illini (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000377, Leptospira interrogans (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000378, Leptospira biflexa (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000379, Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme disease spirochete) (EMBL), 110 b (EMBL)

RS000380, Verrucomicrobium spinosum (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000381, Acanthamoeba castellanii (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000382, Acanthamoeba castellanii (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000383, Plasmodium falciparum (malaria parasite P. falciparum) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000384, Bresslaua vorax (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000385, Blepharisma japonicum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000386, Tetrahymena thermophila (EMBL), 110 b (EMBL)

RS000387, Tetrahymena thermophila (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000388, Paramecium tetraurelia (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000389, Euplotes octocarinatus (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000390, Crypthecodinium cohnii (EMBL), 122 b (EMBL)

RS000391, Cryptomonas paramecium (EMBL), 122 b (EMBL)

RS000392, Euglena gracilis (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000393, Euglena gracilis (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000394, Crithidia fasciculata (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000395, Trypanosoma cruzi (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000396, Kabatiella microsticta (EMBL), 108 b (EMBL)

RS000397, Pyrenophora graminea (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000398, Emericella nidulans (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000399, Emericella nidulans (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000400, Emericella nidulans (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000401, Aspergillus niger (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000402, Penicillium chrysogenum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000403, Tricharina hiemalis (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000404, Acremonium chrysogenum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000405, Pneumocystis carinii (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000406, Zygoascus hellenicus (EMBL), 120 b (EMBL)

RS000407, Pichia jadinii (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000408, Pichia membranifaciens (EMBL), 120 b (EMBL)

RS000409, Candida rugopelliculosa (EMBL), 120 b (EMBL)

RS000410, Candida rugosa (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000411, Candida albicans (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000412, Candida zeylanoides (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000413, Candida cylindracea (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000414, Candida azyma (EMBL), 120 b (EMBL)

RS000415, Candida melibiosica (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000416, Candida diversa (EMBL), 120 b (EMBL)

RS000417, Candida parapsilosis (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000418, Candida antarctica (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000419, Candida magnoliae (EMBL), 120 b (EMBL)

RS000420, Taphrina deformans (peach leaf curl fungus) (EMBL), 112 b (EMBL)

RS000421, Acremonium persicinum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000422, Acremonium persicinum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000423, Acremonium persicinum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000424, Thermomyces lanuginosus (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000425, Auricularia auricula-judae (ear fungus) (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000426, Exidia glandulosa (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000427, Dacrymyces deliquescens (EMBL), 117 b (EMBL)

RS000428, Christiansenia pallida (EMBL), 112 b (EMBL)

RS000429, Filobasidium capsuligenum (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000430, Tremella mesenterica (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000431, Trimorphomyces papilionaceus (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000432, Agaricus edulis (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000433, Pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushroom) (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000434, Coprinopsis cinerea (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000435, Coprinopsis radiata (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000436, Russula cyanoxantha (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000437, Tricholoma matsutake (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000438, Bjerkandera adusta (EMBL), 107 b (EMBL)

RS000439, Hyphodontia paradoxa (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000440, Ganoderma applanatum (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000441, Uthatobasidium fusisporum (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000442, Lycoperdon pyriforme (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000443, Tulasnella violea (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000444, Atractiella solani (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000445, Phleogena faginea (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000446, Microbotryum violaceum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000447, Colacogloea peniophorae (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000448, Rhodosporidium toruloides (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000449, Sporidiobolus salmonicolor (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000450, Helicobasidium purpureum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000451, Septobasidium carestianum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000452, Endophyllum sempervivi (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000453, Puccinia poarum (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000454, Exobasidium vaccinii (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000455, Tilletiaria anomala (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000456, Microstroma juglandis (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000457, Tilletia controversa (dwarf bunt fungus) (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000458, Blastocladiella simplex (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000459, Phlyctochytrium irregulare (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000460, Capniomyces stellatus (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000461, Genistelloides hibernus (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000462, Smittium culisetae (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000463, Basidiobolus magnus (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000464, Coemansia mojavensis (EMBL), 120 b (EMBL)

RS000465, Dipsacomyces acuminosporus (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000466, Linderina macrospora (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000467, Mortierella formosensis (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000468, Blakeslea trispora (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000469, Cunninghamella elegans (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000470, Phycomyces blakesleeanus (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000471, Cyanophora paradoxa (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000472, Amoebidium parasiticum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000473, Enchytraeus albidus (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000474, Perinereis brevicirris (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000475, Sabellastarte japonica (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000476, Asellus aquaticus (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000477, Harpalus rufipes (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000478, Samia cynthia ricini x Bombyx mori (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000479, Bombyx mori (domestic silkworm) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000480, Bombyx mori (domestic silkworm) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000481, Samia cynthia (ailanthus silkmoth) (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000482, Antheraea pernyi (Chinese oak silkmoth) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000483, Acheta domesticus (house cricket) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000484, Acyrthosiphon magnoliae (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000485, Lingula anatina (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000486, Lingula anatina (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000487, Bugula neritina (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000488, Branchiostoma belcheri (Japanese lancelet) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000489, Scyliorhinus canicula (smaller spotted catshark) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000490, Misgurnus fossilis (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000491, Misgurnus fossilis (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000492, Cyprinus carpio (common carp) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000493, Xenopus tropicalis (western clawed frog) (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000494, Xenopus tropicalis (western clawed frog) (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000495, Xenopus laevis (African clawed frog) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000496, Xenopus laevis (African clawed frog) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000497, Xenopus laevis (African clawed frog) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000498, Xenopus laevis (African clawed frog) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000499, Pleurodeles waltl (Iberian ribbed newt) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000500, Gallus gallus (chicken) (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000501, Iguana iguana (common iguana) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000502, Mus musculus (house mouse) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000503, Lethenteron japonicum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000504, Lethenteron japonicum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000505, Halocynthia roretzi (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000506, Actinia equina (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000507, Nemopsis dofleini (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000508, Spirocodon saltatrix (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000509, Chrysaora quinquecirrha (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000510, Aurelia aurita (moon jelly) (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000511, Asterias vulgaris (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000512, Patiria pectinifera (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000513, Paracentrotus lividus (common urchin) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000514, Hemicentrotus sp. (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000515, Stichopus oshimae (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000516, Urechis unicinctus (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000517, Saccoglossus kowalevskii (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000518, Dicyema misakiense (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000519, Cerastoderma edule (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000520, Mytilus edulis (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000521, Illex illecebrosus (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000522, Sepia officinalis (common cuttlefish) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000523, Octopus vulgaris (common octopus) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000524, Aplysia kurodai (Kuroda's sea hare) (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000525, Arion rufus (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000526, Helix pomatia (Roman snail) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000527, Ascaris lumbricoides (common roundworm) (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000528, Caenorhabditis briggsae (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000529, Lineus geniculatus (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000530, Emplectonema gracile (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000531, Trichoplax adhaerens (EMBL), 116 b (EMBL)

RS000532, Planocera reticulata (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000533, Dugesia japonica (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000534, Halichondria panicea (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000535, Hymeniacidon sanguinea (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000536, Haliclona oculata (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000537, Phascolopsis gouldii (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000538, Dictyostelium discoideum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000539, Physarum polycephalum (slime mold) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000540, Porphyra tenera (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000541, Porphyra umbilicalis (laver) (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000542, Porphyra yezoensis (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000543, Cyanidium caldarium (EMBL), 122 b (EMBL)

RS000544, Batrachospermum ectocarpum (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000545, Gelidium amansii (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000546, Gelidium amansii (EMBL), 120 b (EMBL)

RS000547, Gloiopeltis complanata (EMBL), 120 b (EMBL)

RS000548, Gracilaria compressa (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000549, Carpopeltis crispata (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000550, Palmaria palmata (EMBL), 121 b (EMBL)

RS000551, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000552, Chlamydomonas sp. TK-1983 (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000553, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000554, Scenedesmus obliquus (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000555, Pedinomonas minor (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000556, Prasinocladus sp. UTEX732 (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000557, Platymonas subcordiformis (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000558, Chlorella sp. ATCC11469 (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000559, Chaetomorpha moniligera (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000560, Ulva pertusa (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000561, Nitella flexilis (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000562, Coleochaete scutata (EMBL), 115 b (EMBL)

RS000563, Anthoceros punctatus (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000564, Plagiomnium trichomanes (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000565, Lophocolea heterophylla (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000566, Marchantia polymorpha (liverwort) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000567, Lycopodium clavatum (stag's-horn clubmoss) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000568, Equisetum arvense (field horsetail) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000569, Dryopteris acuminata (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000570, Psilotum nudum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000571, Metasequoia glyptostroboides (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000572, Cycas revoluta (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000573, Ginkgo biloba (maidenhair tree) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000574, Ephedra kokanica (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000575, Gnetum gnemon (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000576, Lemna minor (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000577, Allium senescens var. minor (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000578, Oryza sativa (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000579, Oryza sativa (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000580, Hordeum flexuosum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000581, Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000582, Lactuca sativa (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000583, Solanum lycopersicum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000584, Glycine max (soybean) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000585, Phaseolus vulgaris (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000586, Phaseolus vulgaris (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000587, Trifolium repens (white clover) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000588, Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress) (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000589, Brassica nigra (black mustard) (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000590, Gossypium hirsutum (upland cotton) (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000591, Klebsormidium flaccidum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000592, Spirogyra sp. (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000593, Spirogyra grevilleana (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000594, Diatoma tenue (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000595, Hydrurus foetidus (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000596, Schizochytrium aggregatum (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000597, Thraustochytrium visurgense (EMBL), 119 b (EMBL)

RS000598, Acinetospora crinita (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000599, Chordaria flagelliformis (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000600, Scytosiphon lomentaria (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000601, Sargassum fulvellum (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)

RS000602, Eisenia bicyclis (EMBL), 118 b (EMBL)