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Mc-Sym (Macromolecular Conformations by SYMbolic programming) is the result of a joint effort between the computer science and biochemistry departments of the Université de Montréal to develop a tool for three-dimentional determination of RNA structures.

Mc-Sym is a software that builds RNA 3-D structures using coordinates and relations between residues extracted from X-ray crystallography and NMR found in the RCSB Protein Data Bank and the Rutgers Nucleic Acid Database and from theoretical models. Constraints can be applied to the building procedure to ensure that the generated models are valid. The RNA structures properties and constraints are entered in a script or interactively within the mcsym interpreter.

Mc-Sym 3.3.2 package contains:
  • mcsym The modeling program;
  • mcsym database The binary sets of structure conformation and translation. You can get the latest version of the database;
  • mcrms computes the rmsd between structures, aligns structures;
  • toleap / fromleap conversion tools between mcsym and Amber / leap pdb formats.

Mc-Sym 3.3.2 is currently available for the following platforms:

  • Linux glibc 2.3
  • IRIX 6.5
  • SunOS 5.9

You can download and test a demo version of Mc-Sym. The demo limits the size of the RNA sequence to 9 nucleotides.

Download demo version
Mc-Sym 3.3.2 irix 6.5 linux glibc 2.3 sunos
Mc-Sym 3.1 irix 6.5 linux glibc 2.1 sunos

Link to the Documentation Project

To obtain the full Mc-Sym 3.3.2 version.

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