The workshop was a success! We would like to thank all participants and speakers who attended the workshop. We witnessed some very stimulating presentations and met many interesting people. In the right corner, you will find documents pertaining to the meeting.

The workshop on Mathematical Formalisms in RNA Structure (MFRS) will be held in Montréal, Québec, Canada on Thursday and Friday, April 26-27th 2001, immediately after the RECOMB 2001 conference, one of the most important bioinformatics meetings.

The goal of MFRS is to explore the current state of the art in computational RNA structure, as well as to provide a look towards the future of the field. The workshop will provide a general forum for disseminating the latest developments, and will bring together scientists from biochemistry, computer science, mathematics and statistics who will present an overview of currently used formalisms for analyzing, predicting and determining RNA structure.

The workshop is sponsored by the Centre de Recherches Mathématiques (CRM), which receives special funding for events like this one, and by the CEntre de Recherche en Calcul Appliqué (CERCA). The current confirmed speakers are:

James Brown, NCSU
John Burke, U. Vermont
Michelle Carrillo, Stanford U.
David Case, Scripps Research Institute
Ye Ding, New York State U. Daniel Gautheret, CNRS-Marseille
Steve Harvey, U. Alabama
Pascale Legault, U. Georgia
Sébastien Lemieux, U. Montréal
Neocles Leontis, Bowling Green State U.
Jean-Pierre Perreault, U. Sherbrooke
Peter Schuster, Vienna
Philippe Thibault, U. Montréal
Allison Waugh, Stanford U.
Eric Westhof, CNRS-Strasbourg

MFRS flyer (PDF)


Book of abstracts (PDF)


Montreal map