ISMB98 Job Fair
ISMB'98 Job Fair

The ISMB meetings are unique in bringing together biological, chemical, and computational scientists with interests in bioinformatics. With the automation of the experimental laboratory and the increasing use of databases and advanced information systems in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, many employment opportunities exist for individuals with skills and expertise in bioinformatics. To facilitate contact between job candidates and prospective employers, we will establish an employment opportunities database for ISMB'98, as was done for previous two ISMB meetings.

You do not have to register for ISMB'98 to post either a job-opening announcement or your resume as long as it is relevant to bioinformatics. You do need to register if you want to read resumes or job listings from the database. Both commercial and academic employers are encouraged to utilize this service. Rooms will be available at the conference for the purpose of employment meetings and conducting interviews.

Registered employers (in dev.)
Registered candidates (in dev.)

For further information, please contact Tim Littlejohn at